Technivorm Moccamaster Review

Technivorm Moccamaster Review

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Are you looking for Technivorm Moccamaster review that will serve your needs? Then you’re in the right place. You are going to read a complete Technivorm Moccamaster review in this article. If you have any doubts about the quality of Moccamaster Technivorm, please read this, and you’ll be overwhelmed by the quality and performance of Technivorm Coffee Maker listed in this article.

Technivorm is the largest company to produce Coffeemakers and grinders for 50 years with a great reputation for their making pattern that is all products are made and assembled by hand and they are tested in a live situation.

This company are of Dutch origin and make premium quality Coffee filters since 1968 and all of their product is authorized and granted with a seal of approval by meeting the strict guidelines of the European Coffee brewing center’s(ECBC) and they are homemade Coffeemaker is also certified by Specialty Coffee Association. (SCA)

Among all the technology used by Technivorm, the Tecnivorm Moccamaster filter Coffeemakers are the result of Tecnivorm research and the goal of sustainable development and the combination of handmade technology for a long time. Every coffeemaker is produced by the finest material that is available and durable with a long life span also environmentally friendly.

All Moccasmaster products have their self characteristics for example separate parts of brewing and hotplate, volume capacity, brew-basket option, thermal jug, and housing style.

If I have to choose the best automatic pour over coffee maker, I will go for the coffee makers of Technivorm. These coffee makers are amazing in cooking and have even consistency in brewing. Every other product in the market is good but Technivorm Moccamaster has its excellent specifications.

Let’s read the complete Technivorm Moccamaster review

Basic Quality and Preference of Technivorm Moccamaster

  • There are many models of Moccamster for the ease of use customer the models are glass jug, Coffee maker.
  • Every model has unique characteristics and all are handmade and Moccamaster sale price varies for 200$ to 350$.
  • Varieties of style and colors with a dual element system.
  • A powerful copper boiling element ensures water temperature is maintained through the entire brewing process to 92°-96°
  • After brewing the Coffee maker maintain a holding temperature between 80°-85°C
  • Designed to evenly spread water to Coffee for skillfully balanced flavors and the brewing cycle completes in 5 minutes.
  • Uses type #4 cone filters a choice of paper filters of the reusable gold ton filter.
  • All Moccamaster Coffee makers automatically switched off after 40 minutes for ensuring safety.
  • The parts are replaceable and durable.
  • Moccamaster KBG produces a robust cup of Coffee and is durable, stylish, and quick and materials are rust-resistant and produce at least 10 CUP of Coffee at a time.
  • The Technivorm Moccamaster single cup Coffee maker brews a perfect 0.30L Coffee within 4 minutes.
  • Coffee maker Moccamster designs differentiated by that Moccamaster KBG has an automatic drip-stop while Moccamaster KB has a manual drip-stop. The automatic drip-stop prefers to pull out the carafe while the coffee is brewing and it stops automatically. Otherwise manual drip stop on the filter holder has On, off, and half set.

Let’s see a video review

Special Features

a) Filter Holder: The brew basket is specially designed for making small quantities of Coffee with a contact time according to ECBC Standard. 

Points to consider:

  1. Make sure the filter holder is clean and the tiny hole at the bottom of the container is not blocked.
  2. Use a small brush to clean the opening of the bottom of the filter holder.

b) Removable cup holder: Place the cup holder over the caps on the base, directly under the filter holder.

c) Rotatable outlet pipe: Rotate the outlet pipe for easy access to the filter holder.

d) Auto Shut off the system.

e) Porcelain Mugs with silicon grip.

f) Disposable paper mugs.

d) Auto Shut off the system.

e) Porcelain Mugs with silicon grip.

f) Disposable paper mugs.

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Direction for Use of Technivorm Moccaster Coffee maker with glass carafe

  • Filling the water reservoir with fresh cold water and place paper or reusable filter into the brew basket.
  • Put the ground Coffee into the filter-the scoop provided holds     10 gm
  • The thumb Rule is 50-60 grams of coffee per liter of water.
  • Place the drip stop on the filter basket up in the top open position.
  • Switch on the power button.
  • The brewing process is complete in about 4 minutes with a temperature of 92°-96°
  • The brewer switched off automatically after transferring the water towards the filter holder.
  • Close the paper cup with the supplied lid, to keep your Coffee safe and easy to carry.
  • Now Enjoy. 
Why you chose Technivorm Moccamaster Coffee maker?
  • Manual Adjust function
  • Operation is simple
  • The temperature of brewing 92°-97°C and holding temperature 82°-84°C
  • 6*10 as 10 cups Coffee in 6 minute
  • Recyclable, Repairable, cleanable, and sustainable.
  • 5-year warranty.
  • Certified home brewer
  • Quick brew time
  • Clever design
  • Highly automated
Negatives about the Moccamaster Coffee maker:
  • No Internal clock
  • Need highly cleaning maintenance.

How to descale and cleaning of Technivorm Coffee maker

  • Before cleaning, remove the plug from the socket.
  • Clean the brewer regularly outside with a moist cloth and wipe dries. After each use, hand washes the filter with mild detergent.
  • Make sure no Coffee grounds are left in the filter holder to prevent clogging.
  • Use a brush to clean the bottom of the filter holder.
  • Do not submerge the brewer in any liquid.
  • The brewer needs to be clean regularly.
  • Pouring of 125 ml cold water in the tank.
  • Run a brew cycle without Coffee or filter paper off course.
  • Tip out the hot liquid and drained the unit of the residual water.
  • Then complete another 3 brew cycle with cold water and cleaned all rusty elements. 

Basic Safety requirement

  • Unwrap the Moccamaster Coffee Maker and remove all packaging materials. Keep those materials out of children.
  • The appliances are made only intended for household use not commercially.
  • Use the machine indoors only.
  • The appliance can be used by expert persons and children after 8 years of age.
  • Always maintain a safe distance from any type of child.
  • Uses always new plug while use in this product.
  • Placed in a rust-free room with a flat surface and frost-free room.
  • Check to see if the voltage appliance matches your main voltage.
  • Please ensure that the appliance must be plugged into a socket with safety ground.

Frequently Asked question

Q. How Much Coffee do you put in Moccamaster?

A: The Moccamaster is a great Coffee maker to produce 10 Cups of Coffee at a time.

Q: Does The Moccamster turn off Automatically?

A: Yes, It turns off automatically after 40 minutes.

Q: What is the golden ratio for Coffee?

A: 1-2 tablespoons of ground coffee for 6 ounces of water.

Q: How much price varies for a Moccamaster Coffee maker?

A: It’s starting from $200 to $350.

Q: How big is moccamaster scoop?

A: Get the perfect amount of Coffee each time with these two tablespoons of brown plastic Coffee ground scoop.

Technivorm Moccamaster review (Briefly)

The Good: The Technivorm Moccamaster brews excellent, sometimes outstanding pots of drip Coffee 10 cups at a time. It also has a lovely elegant design and keeps coffee hot for 6 hours.

The Bad: The Moccamaster Coffee Maker is very expensive and takes up a large amount of counter space.

The Bottom Line: The Moccamaster provides a reputation for exceptional drip Coffee.


Performance: 9.8 out of 10

Design: 9.8 out of 10

Features: 9.8 out of 10

Maintenance: 9.8 out of 10

Overall: 9.8 out of 10.


So by the research above all information, it is said that Technivorm Moccamaster has the perfect Coffee makers built with durability, reliability, and energy efficiency in mind while incorporating recyclable products during production over the past 50 years.

This extraordinary Coffee maker produces the golden cup of coffee every time with its consistent and sustainable features, with its energy-efficient copper heating and automatic shut-off system.

Coffee is the best way to start your morning on the right foot, one perfect cup at a time with Tecnivorm Moccamaster Coffee brewer.

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