How to clean a flat top grill

How to clean a flat top grill

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Are you looking for How to clean a flat top grill? Then you’re in the right place. You are going to read a complete guideline on How to clean a flat top grill in this article.

Flattop grills are the name which are typically a flat piece of steel and some are slightly convex or crowned in the center which allows food juices or grease to flow to the outside to be captured and disposed of.

The flat-top grills one of the most versatile, fun pieces of cooking equipment.  Quality food, artistry, and good times all come with the territory of owning a flat top grill.

Many methods of cleaning flat-top grills out there use anything from copper brushes to sponges, dishwashing detergent to baking soda, and vigorously scraping to gentle scrubbing, So the choice is yours what you prefer.

But depending on whether it’s needed deep clean or simple clean or by varieties as its chrome grill or stainless still grill. 

Common indication needed for Deep clean of Flat Top Grill

Food particles are sticking to your griddle or burnt food particles are way into your food. Surely burnt food particles in your food are bad. 

The flavor is transferred between foods. You don’t want different flavors from different foods cross mixing on the grill top.  That’s a fast way to make a meal worse!  If you start seeing this, it’s probably time for a deep clean.

Your food is cooking unevenly, or there are hot spots on the griddle top.  If you notice it’s getting harder to cook food evenly or there are clear hot spots on the cooking surface, a deep clean might be the solution.

You start to see grease buildup on the griddle surface.  If the grease build-up doesn’t come off with the day-to-day cleaning methods, your griddle is probably ready for a deep clean.

Equipment and materials needed for How to clean a flat top grill

Flat Top Grill cleaning Tools are: 

  • Griddle scraper.
  • Griddle scrub holder, pad, and screen.
  • Vegetable oil (or one of our other picks for the best oil for cooking on a flat top grill).
  • Stainless steel cleaner.
  • 2 or 3 different dishcloths or rags.
  • Warm water.

Common Practices of flat top grill cleaning

Dishwashing liquid and sponge:

The conventional way to clean a flat grill top grill indoors is by using a dishwashing liquid and sponge to remove all traces of oil or dripping.

Vinegar and water mixture:  Best Flat Top Grill Cleaner:

Switch on the grill to hot and spray the water-vinegar (half and half) mixture on it.  Now a grill brush to flatten the mixture and remove out the grease. Repeat twice or thrice, till the mixture has mixed with all the debris to form junk. Then switch the grill off and pour the mixture on it, in a quantity that washes off the gunk. The hot plate will help with this. Repeat the same process and drain.

Lemon juice and water mixture for flat top grill home depot:

The method is the same as the water-vinegar mixture, the ratio is different. One-third or one-fourth of lemon juice, and the remaining water.

Water and steam

Switch on the grill to high heat and scrape away all dripping with a grill cleaner brush. Sprinkle water and use the brush the spread it on the hot grill to soften up the residue before draining it.

Hot oil cleaning: For Round Flat Top Grill

Pour oil on a hot girdle and use a griddle brick or pumice stone to scrub in small concentrated circular patterns to mix the oil with the residual grease to remove the fatty layer.

Soapy water and a hard copper brush

Pour some soapy water on a hot grill and let it sit for a few minutes before using a hard copper brush to scrape off any debris.

Soda water and carbonation

Pour sterilized water and club soda onto the hot flat-top grill. The carbonation loosens and removes hard grease. Scrub the surface in small concentric circles with a griddle brick or pumice stone. Scrape remaining liquid into the trough for discarding. It is the other great flat top grill cleaner.

Raw vinegar:

Raw vinegar is the other material for grill cleaners, Pour raw vinegar on the grill top, and spread it across the surface. Rub the top grill with a rag, in small circles to polish the top. Scrape the vinegar off the surface and discard it.

Lemon and soda water

Heat the grill to soften the hardened debris and grease. Scrape off all residues with a heavy-duty grill scraper. Grill Cleaner Spray a mixture of lemon juice and soda water on the grill and wait for 5 minutes so the liquid can seep in. Now operates the flat top grill in a circular approach with a pad or a heat-resistant grill squeegee.

Onion scrubbing

Use an onion to scrub the surface while the grill is still hot, to detach any dripping. Moreover, this technique is not only effective for flat-top grills, but also trays, which are trickier to clean.

Coffee soak

Pouring by the surface in coffee to remove junk, oil, and debris. Scrap off the residue and drain the liquid.

Beer cleaner

Pour beer on a warm flat top grill and scrub with a newspaper or wire brush, before draining the liquid of a sparkling surface.

Most people get so absorbed in cleaning the top surface that they let there be a grease build-up in the drain or drip tray.

How to Clean a Stainless Steel Flat Top Grill

Step by step guide for how to clean a stainless steel grill: 

1) Turn the heat up to about 300-350 degrees.  After the griddle top is hot, take your griddle scraper and scrape the surface of your flat top grill. Try to get all food particles, debris, and grease off of the surface to the best of your ability.

2) pour warm water on the surface.  This will help boil off the grease buildup.  Be very careful here to not let the steam burn you.  It’s also important to point out that using warm water is 100% necessary. 

3) Once the surface has cooled a little bit (ideally still warm), assemble your griddle pad and screen onto your griddle scrub holder.  Rinse the surface and wipe it clean.

4) Use one of your rags to apply the stainless steel cleaner.  Most cleaners are a spray that you’d use then wipe off.

5) After applying the stainless steel cleaner, make sure you’ve completely dried and wiped your surface clean.

6) Your surface is now ready to be re-seasoned.  We’ll go over that process in a little bit.

How to Clean a Chrome Flat Top Grill

If you work in a commercial kitchen or have an expensive flat top, you may have a chrome-plated griddle.  Here are the steps you can follow for a deep clean.

Instead of a griddle scrub, you’ll want to use a griddle brush here that’s less abrasive)


1) Turn the heat up to about 300-350 degrees.  After the griddle top is hot, take your griddle scraper and scrape the surface of your flat top grill.  Try to get all food particles, debris, and grease off of the surface to the best of your ability.

2) pour warm water on the griddle top and scrub using a less abrasive griddle brush.  Repeat until the surface is thoroughly cleaned.

3) Let the surface cool down.  Once cooled, dry the surface with a rag and apply a food-safe polish.  Make sure the polish is also non-abrasive.

4) Wipe the surface clean with one of your dry clothes or rags.

5) Make sure all polish is removed at the end. You can follow the polish manufacturer’s instructions here; typically a damp cloth will do the trick.

Flat top Grill Electric Cleaning Procedure

Gas or electric power washers can be used to clean grills. You’ll need a unit that produces at least 1.3 GPM at 2,000 PSI to get the job done efficiently. A gas grill will be able to provide enough power to tackle stuck-on grime from grills that may have been neglected for several seasons.

Temperature Needed For Grill Grate

Heat your grill 15 to 25 minutes before you start to make sure it reaches the right temperature (for disinfection or contamination). Your grill should be 370-450°F for high, 350-420°F for medium-high, 300-340°F for medium and 250-300°F for low heat.

Adverse effect for not cleaning grill grate

Not all the grease burns off. Naturally, there will be a grease catch near the bottom of the grill. If this isn’t properly cleaned and maintained, you could easily have an overflow. Safety from being a fire hazard, this can finish leaking fat and spilling it around your grill.

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